Friday, January 27, 2006

Electronic Warfare

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The above is a link to the BBC article talking about the US's plans to actively engage in electronic warfare. The
"Information Operations Roadmap", signed by Rummsy in 2003, states that not only will the pentagon create propaganda that will inevitably find it's way into American homes on a regular basis, but seeks to be able to control and shut down the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

One of the first things I thought of when I read this article is the Nazi propaganda and then to 1984. I know it's cliched and I don't think we're there yet, but it seems like we keep on moving in that direction. The current administration keeps on giving me the impression that it feels like it can do whatever they want and not have to answer to anyone (i.e. the Iraq war, Homeland Security, Wire-tapping American Citizens w/o warrants)

And now it seems like they feel like they have the right to control not only other's but also our own means of communications. The freedom of communication is the most valued freedom we Americans cherish. I find it infuriatingly ironic that this administration says everything it does (the Iraq war, Homeland Security, Wire-tapping American Citizens w/o warrants) is for "freedom."

How far can they go before someone finally tells them no? I may be a little melodramatic, but when it comes to restricting people's freedom of speech, it really pisses me off. Lack of information/intelligence (which is the result of poor communication) is the reason our country is how it is today.

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