Monday, February 06, 2006

D00d Nvidia Rox my Box

As you've all heard, and probally expected, companies are now hiring people to masquerade on message boards to build support for products. (title contains link)

I am actually a little upset about this. While I have no real love for the community, I have used message boards before for research, and have found useful information before. Of course there was a lot of posts that had to be filtered through (which is the price for open posting), but that took little effort.

What I'm interested in (and for the purpose of a light minded discussion):
-Is it possible to have an open peer only review system?
-How would someone with "complete" anonymity be able to gain validity and status in this situation?
-Can anyone give a positive review of anything again without being called a "plant?"
-How long until this evolves to sabotaging (negative reviews against competitors)?
-Will infiltration destroy the forums? If no one can trust anyone...
-Will I ever be able to post on here and not sound like a conspiracy theorist? (although it would let me change my name to Dark Engel... wait.. damn...)