Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Love Irony!

The reason for this pointless post is to fulfill my love of irony, and I'm fairly sure this is actual irony. The link is a Wiki on how to dissuade yourself from becoming a blogger, and I can sum it up in two points.

1: No one cares about your blog
2: You'll get bored after 3 days and quit.

I believe these are both valid points. While I've seen a few people stumble in here, mostly it's been just "us guys," (no offense to the females in our Bloc, I consider you guys too). Even though I'm sure if we decided to advertise and spent more time maintaining the blog we could get some respectable traffic, I have a feeling you, like me, post because you either A: are addicted to linking other stories, or B: just want to get your two (2) cents (don't know the code for the cents sign) out there.