Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Average Salary Data

This site is unimaginably cool.

Not only is it really useful for salary negotiations, but there are also all sorts of fun comparisons you can run. There are many samples on the site, but I tweaked one a bit to get this chart:
(scroll way down, something is wrong with the code in the chart, and I'm still tweaking it to find out what)

Arabic $93,000

Gaelic $54,000

Sign Language $40,000

Hindi $35,000

Farsi $35,000

Japanese $33,000

Chinese $33,000

English $29,000

French $29,000

Spanish $28,000

Russian $27,000

Italian $26,000

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Arabic might be a political fad, so that bubble might burst in the next decade or so. But who wants to learn Gaelic?