Friday, November 09, 2007

Horror! The Movies

I went to dinner and a movie on a Friday night with my wife, sister, and brother-in-law. Realizing it was Friday night, we thought we would be crafty and go to the 7:20PM showing of Dan in Real Life. If you don't know, its a romantic comedy about a widower advice columnist with three kids who takes his kids up to New England for an extended family get-together. This seemed like the feel good movie with emotional depth that teenagers might pass up.

Not... the... case. My wife turned to me and said "The previews should start any minute now". I was surprised at how quickly time had passed and questioned her for the exact time. I remember 7:17 because that was when the first wave hit. Hordes of mindless driveling pre-adolescents swarmed the theater. It all happened so fast, what was once a serene scene of adults quietly discussing their droll lives was quickly turned into pre-teens yammering on about the latest gossip, and flipping open their mobiles to pass the information on down the line via text message. If I weren't trying to enjoy a movie, the incessant incandescent glow of mobile phone screens lighting up the theater like oversized fireflies might have been construed as beautiful.

Their were so many things that shocked me about the experience, not the least of which was that we were hit by three waves of 15-20 13 year olds between the times of 7:17 and 7:25. I suddenly realized the despair the Germans must have felt in France, for it was much like watching Omaha beach get stormed. I am also beginning to understand why boarding school is so much a part of upper class culture.

About Face?

Apparently, Facebook feels the need to press you the user, into advertising, whether you like it or not.

As I understand it, if you buy a Cormac McCarthy novel off or some new outerwear from L.L. Bean, an ad will pop up on your friend's page with whatever picture of you has been downloaded to Facebook to demonstrate your love of the product to your social network.

This could be okay, as I like to know what things are happening in my friends' lives, but I don't see where the restrictions can be limited. If one of my contributors happens to buy something inappropriate online, I don't need to know about it (or have my imagination run amok with how these "things" might be used).


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post-MSNBC Dem Debate aftermath

Two thoughts about the Democrats, both from The Kansas City Star. First on the frontrunner, HRC -

Trying to deflect the barbs and focus elsewhere, by debate's end, HRC said "Bush" 25 times, more than her six rivals combined.

Next from my personal favorite (for style and Iraq policy), Biden -

Joe Biden says Giuliani's sentences consist of "a noun, a verb, and 9/11. I mean it sincerely. He is genuinely not qualified to be president".

Poor Hillary is getting whomped on because she did too good of a job early on. People apparently cannot see a difference between her and Obama/Edwards. So the two of them are relegated to attack dog status in an attempt to cut her lead. As for Biden, I always enjoy when intelligent people fall way behind in polls. They ease out of political mode and move directly to saying what they think. Its much more entertaining.