Tuesday, December 12, 2006

When should I say, "I am running for president!"

Given that our election is just finished, it is natural that we begin debating the next one before our newly elected arrive in office. Of course the big question is: who's running? Who are we debating about, and how quickly can we discredit them?

I think pundits pre-emptively nominated Hillary so that they could open her up for attacks. Attacks that have convinced a lot of people she shouldn't run. I fear the same thing is happening to Mr. Obama. I've already seen Obama 2008 bumper stickers and with his trip to NH, it's on all the news stations. I should mention here that I've been a big Obama supporter since he ran in 2004.

So, when, politically speaking, should someone indicate their candidacy? I don't think Bush was ever really considered a forerunner until the end of the primaries. The early Democratic hopefulls ended up tarnished leaving Kerry, who I think announced well after Dean.

Have Mr. Obama's chances already been ruined? Are the extra months in the limelight worth announcing early for?