Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl fun facts

In homage to the Super Bowl today, I present you with some interesting facts from Joe Posnanski's February 4th article in the Kansas City Star. The following is the fact with Posnanski's source in parentheticals:

-There are more parties thrown today than New Year's Eve (Hallmark).

-There is more food eaten today than any day except Thanksgiving (American Institute of Food Distribution).

-There are fewer weddings this weekend than any other (Wall Street Journal).

-Also with source unknown (but heard from another source other than the KC Star), there is a "Super Bowl Indicator". If an NFC or original NFL team wins the Super Bowl, the stock market will be bullish that year. If an expansion or AFC team wins, the upcoming market will be bearish. The two teams playing this year are both original NFL teams (Chicago Bears and Baltimore Colts) meaning this will be a good year for investment (the indicator has been correct 33 of 40 Super Bowls for an 83% accuracy rate).

Enjoy your chips and dip.