Friday, January 18, 2008

When the AP attacks!

Let's be honest, Mitt Romney was misleading at worst, but more likely speaking in platitudes when he commented that he "didn't have any lobbyists running his campaign". One thing I did learn from the many top-notch journalism students at UMC is that a journalist is not supposed to make the news. Occasionally columnists can, but a columnist is paid to have an opinion (usually that opinion sells more newspapers through its one-sided or inflammatory nature).

That is what makes the incident with Mitt Romney so amazing. The reporter in question was a reporter for the AP whose sole purpose was to cover the Romney campaign. Most "beat" reporters become more docile with their reporting the longer they cover their subject (see MLB steroid investigations 1990-2005), but Glen Johnson was not. It came off to me as a bit heavy-handed, and Romney handled it well, reportedly speaking with Glen on his airplane later about the incident. A video is embedded in the CBS News link, I'd like to know how the incident played in others' eyes.