Thursday, June 19, 2008

This site needs some McCain love

Obama became the first to break a 2008 campaign pledge today (a record 200+ days before becoming President!) when he announced that he would not accept public financing for his 2008 presidential campaign run.

The term flip-flopping will not be used here (for any reason, including if someone is looking for an action term for pancake preparation), mostly because it's not a dirty word, even if the public refuses to believe it. Changing a stance based off a new set of information that has come to light is the right thing to do. John McCain was against offshore and ANWR drilling for some time, and changing this stance serves his interest by crafting a message to the American people that he understands and cares about their increased transportation costs (even if this piece of policy won't affect their increased transportation costs until well into his second term). The difference between the two changes in policy/action is that Obama's was made while (and directly affects the logistics of) his run for office.

Both candidates will change their stance on several other issues in the next several months, (McCain probably more than Obama due to his longer record) but I do wish to reflect my disappointment in Barack Obama because I believe he could have beaten John McCain without the extra influx in funds (not that he should have to). He has gone from populist crusader to just another liberal Democrat in my book.