Wednesday, August 20, 2008

-5 CHA from the Bloc GM!

Well, I have played McCain apologist for awhile here and will continue to do so (because no one else will), but now he has gone after my people.

The one thing that always frustrated me more than anything about John McCain was his inability to keep his stories straight. He claimed in his book to recite members of the Green Bay Packers' linemen names to confuse Viet Cong prison guards, only to switch it to the Pittsburgh Steelers' linemen when in Pennsylvania. Also, while "(speaking) to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, John McCain said the 21st Century GI Bill was 'the result' of his efforts, although he had opposed it and didn’t vote on it." (Kansas City Star, 8/20/2008).

He is probably not attempting to be dishonest, but anytime someone questions his perception or memory regarding previous quotes/issues, he throws the POW card on the table. Memo to John: I know you were a POW. I respect you were a POW. Find another defense mechanism/comeback. You can still use it. But for goodness sakes, mix it up a little!