Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain would kill Rovean Republicanism; Obama Gets Good Advice

Two links from the FP Morning Brief on domestic news really stood out to me this morning, one seems a plus for each candidate:

1) McCain would banish the White House Political Office and appoint a Democrat to run the SEC.

Speaking of the SEC...

2) Obama seems more reflective on the current financial crisis, and seeks better financial advice, by the reckoning of the IHT.

Obama was the one candidate that didn't openly distance himself from economists, would he bring in a bunch of economic professors to his administration, to make the Kennedy comparisons* that much more profound?

*(gated Harper's article makes me sad)

UPDATE: EP's comments point out that Obama's consultants have a more complicated track record than the IHT suggests. Volcker's contributions have been controversial, and Fannie Mae's Jim Johnson resigned from Obama's team in June after receiving $7 million in preferential loans (though Johnson's role was vetting VPs, not economic advice).