Saturday, June 27, 2009

People Are Strange: Reason #1

I am hoping to start a new series here, titled "People Are Strange". It's pretty self explanatory, but I would note that the only order these are placed in is chronological. By this I mean to point out that in no way do I believe that the following post is the best or most illustrative reason why people are strange any more than then the next is second best/illustrative. I'll just post them as I find them.

People are strange.

Andre Rison nickname: Bad Moon
Michael Jackson's Thriller: Zombies attack under the light of the moon?

Andre Rison race: African American
Michael Jackson race: African American (insert joke disrespectful of the deceased here)

Andre Rison: Played at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs
Michael Jackson: Played at Arrowhead Stadium for his Victory Tour in 1984.

If anyone knows an obvious connection between the two that I am missing that would warrant an Andre Rison jersey being placed 'in memoriam' at his boyhood home, let me know and I'll print an apology.