Thursday, November 09, 2006

How can something be famous if you just invented it?

KFC's Famous Bowls aren't really that famous. More famous than me I guess.

They come from a delicious mixture of mashed potatoes, corn and fried chicken, topped with succulent gravy and three different shredded cheeses. I can't even name three shredded cheeses!

At a paltry 700 Calories, I bet I could eat almost two of those a day and still lose (some) weight. And as a bonus, I'd make sure to get twice the healthy amount of sodium every day. Keep in mind, sodium can be good for you, like when replenishing your electrolytes after a marathon, for example.

You'd think it wouldn't be a nutritious way to live, and you'd be absolutely right, but you'd also be surprised to learn that the Famous Bowl contains a modest boost of vitamins A & C, as well as a good chunk of your daily Calcium and Iron.

KFC Famous Bowls: 40% fat, 100% delicious.