Friday, May 11, 2007

News Sources

I have a set of sites I read to keep informed on my various topics. I'll list them here in a moment, but I'm curious where other people go for information. I'm looking around for a technology legal blog to read (Hint: Thomas) or something to widen my horizons on politics (I only have left leaning news sites right now).

Computer/technology sites:
Oldy, but solid stories -
Stories cycle fast, but good stuff -
Opinion and predictions on tech -
Computer hardware reviews -
Various tech stories -

World/nation news sites:
Generic news feed -
Weird off-the-wall stories -

Liberal crazy sites:
O'Reilly considers this part of the liberal media conspiracy -
Shopping info to fight corporations -

Handy site for cool ideas -

And of course movie trailers, where would I be without them.