Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Updated Bloc

I made some changes to the Bloc, most of them are aesthetic, but a key change to help promote ourselves in the blogosphere is the ability to "trackback". According to Improbulus of the A Consuming Experience blog:

What's trackback?: for those unfamiliar with it, my own definition of "trackback" is that it's a system which effectively lets you create a link from another blog post that you've written about, back to your own post on your own blog - so that people viewing that other blog post will see an extract from your post (or whatever else you want to say about your own post) on the other blog, plus a link from there to your post.

This is a form of "remote commenting" - you're commenting on another person's blog, but instead of doing that on their blog, you do it by making a post on your own blog, and using trackback to let them (and anyone else reading their blog) know that you've commented on it, so that they can check out what you said if they want to. Trackback seems especially useful if the other blog is more popular than yours!

Feel free to use the trackback option, it is right next to the 'Comments' link at the end of each post.