Saturday, December 01, 2007

Why I fear the Democrats

As the token Republican apologist (registered Libertarian though), and noticing a report that Medicare wastes billions with a 'b', I thought it was time to issue a warning against the Democrats taking power in 2009. First off, I will likely vote for Barack Obama if he gains the Democratic Party nomination for President. That caveat aside, one of the main legs of his platform is universal health care, and that scares the crap out of me.

Government, due to its bureaucratic nature, is an extremely inefficient vehicle for providing services to the majority of the population. Below are some statistics as to how the Medicare system has wasted U.S. tax dollars (from the November 30 KC Star):

1. Cost of oxygen tank delivery services, 36 months, from a pharmacy - $3500
Cost of same system, same time allotment, through Medicare - $8200

2. Cost of erection pump online - varies, as low as $108
Cost of same pump through Medicare - $450

3. Cost of walking cane, various outlets - $11
Cost of same cane, through Medicare - $20

4. The cost of Medicare since 1999 is increasing above the inflation rate by 34 percent ($5,522 to $8,568 per beneficiary).

If this is the type of waste that is produced for a benefits system which only helps seniors, imagine the exponential amount of waste that will be produced from a universal benefits system. While the past eight years of President Bush have not been a beacon of fiscal conservatism (quite the opposite), I fear the anti-Bush sentiment which may lead the Democrats to wins in Congress and the White House might be misconstrued by the Dems as a mandate for a blank check to further bloat the federal government. It should be our job to reign in spending if not cut it.