Friday, February 08, 2008

What to look forward to in November

For the most part, the networks got Super Tuesday correct. They called a few contests early, but I haven't heard complaints about these calls being incorrect or influential. Along the same lines, Thursday's KC Star had an interesting blurb on how the networks divided up delegates to the leaders:

Clinton McCain
MSNBC 582 615
ABC 872 516
CBS 974 561
FNC 845 613

I was under the assumption that all the Republican contests were winner-take-all, so I'm not quite sure how there would be a 100 point swing between ABC and MSNBC's totals. Was there a handful of proportional delegates assigning states? The real 'mind blow' to me comes with the 400 point differential between MSNBC and CBS. Are we all using the same math here? 400 points is 1/5 the total needed to clinch the nomination among the Democrats. If the media is reporting facts (even estimates), they should be a little bit closer than 400 points in a race to 2000 points. I don't think that's expecting too much.