Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another example why people don't trust the Clintons

Most people with a distaste for either of the Clintons state high up amongst their reasons that they are scheming, manipulative liars. The below link summarizing a series of events with WHYY radio does nothing to dispel this rumor.


The dime tour of the story is: WHYY asks Bill Clinton Monday night if his playing of the race card (in comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson) was a mistake. Former President Clinton responds that the race card was IN FACT played on him. When asked about the comments by a different reporter on Tuesday morning (less than 24 hours later), he told the reporter that he was mistaken and that he was not going to be manipulated by the media.

In summary, its all the media's fault. To think, before the man began stumping for his wife, I was beginning to forget why people had such resentment towards the man.