Monday, April 28, 2008

Is There Anything Google Doesn't Know?

Google's success has actually made me start to give up after a quick search, as noted in the comments in my last post. It's so good, I generally assume that a failed search means no one can help me. A recurring column on failed searches might be of some interest to someone. (It's a longshot.)

Earlier today I gave up after looking for an open source app that would allow me to mute individual programs (so I could make sure my internet radio station, say, is the only thing making noise on my computer).

I found IndieVolume for $25. It'd be exactly what I'm looking for, except that I generally shy away from small closed source programs, whether cheap or free. Think that's unfairly paranoid?

(I always thought the next Google would be a search engine that could track not just the behavior of the rest of the web, but the behavior of its searchers. If a searcher could indicate in some way how many searches it took to find the info he was seeking, or when he was forced to give up, the search engine might be able to use that data to become somewhat more accurate given less descriptive searches.)