Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Catholic Vote & Barack Obama

The question has been asked, can a pro-Life Catholic (the question "is there another kind" will be left for another day) support Barack Obama? The columnist summarizes the three main points thusly:

1. The abortion fight has been lost by the pro-Life groups.
2. There are evils other than abortion that Republicans tend to ignore.
3. Obama supports government actions that would reduce the number of abortions.

Of the three arguments, the first argument seems to be flat wrong. Abortion appears to be a hotly contested issue still. The third argument appears to me to be unconvincing, as the columnist adds that Obama, from a big-picture perspective, views abortion as a right of all women (viewed through the lens of Roe v. Wade). This being said, it is unlikely for him to lead the country in a direction of fewer abortions.

It is the second argument that holds the most substance (and not inconsequentially, the one I thought the columnist failed to counter effectively).