Friday, July 24, 2009

The Henry Louis Gates Jr. Arrest - An Oversimplification

There are two sides to every story and neither side is backing down. What follows are the facts of the case:

1. Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrived home tired after a long trip from China.
2. He found his door jammed and asked his driver to help him open the door.
3. A neighbor called the police reporting a potential break-in.
4. The police arrested Gates Jr. on the grounds of disorderly conduct.

This doesn't seem to be too hard to piece together:

A prominent Harvard history professor who is friends with the President, editor-in-chief of a premier African-American academic/cultural blog (The Root), and just finished shooting a documentary for PBS was tired after extensive travel, was mistaken by a nosy but impersonal neighbor, and arrested by a police officer lacking sufficient patience.


To put it in "Thomas Terms":

(Ego^Fatigue) + Poor luck / Lack of Patience = MEDIA FRENZY