Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Advice for Obama

The Freakonomics blog recently asked for advice for Obama. I doubt it will get much attention in the hundreds of comments there, but here is what I would recommend to the President Elect:

Visit your states (even the red ones). Hold a few town hall meetings. Don’t just sign legislation, but occasionally give us a speech explaining why you support the policies you do. Implement e-petitions. Invite the fourth estate (and maybe a blogger or two) to witness your decision making process first hand, so the media can help us to stand beside you as you lead.

Rove initiated this idea of a permanent campaign, by which he meant tightly controlling the messages and images associated with the administration. I trust you’ll leave his specific approach to the dustbin of history.

But the basic idea of a “permanent campaign” isn’t actually that bad an idea, so long as it means always connecting with your fellow citizens. We shouldn’t be a part of the process every four years, but every month of every year. It's up to us to keep up our enthusiasm and participation, but it's up to you to give us a seat at the table.