Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lifesharers and the Organ Donation Gap

Because of the profound organ donation gap, if you need an organ sometime in your life, chances are 9 to 1 you won't get it.

Lifesharers is a nonprofit which aims to reduce the gap between donors and those in need.

Members of LifeSharers promise to donate their organs upon their death, giving preference to other LifeSharers members first.

Anyone can join for free online, it takes moments. I recommend you and your loved ones sign up here.

Other suggestions states can employ to reduce the gap:
1) Presume consent for organ donation upon death, move from opt-in organ donation to opt-out, which increases cadaveric donation rates by 25-30% (Abadie and Gay, The Impact of Presumed Consent Legislation on Cadaveric Organ Donation [PDF])
2) Implement the Spanish model of organ procurement, which aggressively recruits older donors leading to the highest cadaveric organ donation rates in the world, and compensates hospitals for their work in organ procurement, leading to one of the best organ matching systems in the world. (Id.)
3) Implement the Iranian model, provide compensation to living donors, which leads to the highest live donor rates in the world, and is the only model that has completely eliminated the donor gap.

Hat Tip: Freakonomics, via Freakonomics.