Monday, November 03, 2008

Live Coverage of Election Night on the Internet

Metafilter has a thread on where to go for live coverage of the election if, like me, you'll have internet but no TV.

A few suggestions in the thread jumped out at me, and US Election Atlas both look good.

FiveThirtyEight would be the go to source for commentary, if they're covering it live (which I expect they might). With hundreds of comments every hour, they are currently the undisputed kings of the electoral blogosphere.

There's a really polished and free live coverage applet out there, CoverItLive. rc3 used it during the debates, and I hope someone puts it to good use as the results pour in. (I suppose Talkinator might do just as well for most purposes, CoverItLive seems a lot like putting a moderated chatbox on your site.)

UPDATE: Google provides live election right here, via their extremely handy embeddable gadget.