Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Breaking: Alan Moore is Crazy

[9/11 was a t]errible shame, but we had a lot more than two buildings blown up during the ‘40s when America was providing most of the munitions to Hitler...
-Alan Moore

The interview contains more lucid moments, explaining why he distrusts Hollywood, and why he finds the American Superhero tradition dull. But make no mistake, this man utterly despises America, and would likely hate any comic book film we produced.

For my part, I thought the first ten minutes of Watchmen were transcendent filmmaking.

First off, more fight scenes need to be backed by Nat King Cole, and fewer by Rob Zombie. The backing music added a surreal feel to that opening fight. It made the scene simultaneously a bit more comic and a bit more tragic than the typical American action film, a balance difficult to pull off and perfect for that particular narrative.

The second scene in the film impressed me the most. The rapidfire visual punchlines of the opening montage took more creativity than most filmmakers employ throughout their whole careers.

Sadly, I felt like the rest of the movie stood in the shadows of those moments. On the whole, I liked the rest of the film, but most of the time I just wanted to see those first few scenes over and over again.