Friday, March 27, 2009

British Minister Hannan becomes Internet celeb, thanks American Bloggers

Daniel Hannan railed against British PM Gordon Brown a few days ago. Brown's been saying that the British economy is suffering from an international crisis. Hannan responds,

"It is true that we are all sailing together into the squalls. But not every vessel in the convoy is in the same dilapidated condition. Other ships used the good years to caulk their hulls and clear their rigging, in other words, to pay off debt. But you used the good years to raise borrowing yet further."

The interesting thing, Hannan notes, is that the media did not run with this until bloggers found it. He credits the American bloggers with being particularly on top of their game.

Another dimension to this is that he's been making these speeches on YouTube once a week for a while now, but this is the first one anyone's noticed. I think he'll find that the Blagotubes can be an engine for change, but they can also be exceedingly fickle.