Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Muxtape Replacement: Mixtape.me

Adam Pash of Lifehacker was apparently so distraught by Muxtape's closure that he made a clone of it over at Mixtape.me. This version does not host any mp3 files, but just streams them from artist pages around the web, so it may skirt the issues Muxtape faced.

I'm not sure content owners will understand the distinction. After the Boxee fiasco, I get the feeling content owners simply don't understand that if you share your bits on the Internet, you no longer control their delivery. You can't just put something on one site on the Internet, it doesn't work that way.

From everyone who realizes how this works, hotlinking this way is considered impolite, it's considered bandwidth theft. The assumption on most of the Internet is that the burden of hosting is significant. Maybe content owners will put all this together someday.