Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ongoing: Boxee, Jon Stewart

1. Boxee and Hulu are locked in a death struggle over whether or not the one can access the other. Boxee is an open source* media center which lets you easily watch internet video on your television. Hulu streams full television shows from major networks over the internet, and for a time, provided full support to Boxee integration.

Recently, Hulu was asked to remove official support for Boxee by their content suppliers, so they complied. Boxee responded with a workaround, getting Hulu access without official support. Hulu then went beyond dropping support, and actively blocked Boxee access. Boxee has now worked around that obstacle as well, and has even included a "Hulu Status Meter" in their app to let users know how the war is going.

Hulu provides access to its shows to computers, and what someone doesn't understand is that Boxee is a computer, so it will have access until you pull all of Hulu down. The death of Hulu or the death of Boxee ends this fiasco, nothing less.

2. CNBC's Jim Cramer has fired back at John Stewart's rant (doubtless after reading about it here on the Bloc). Stewart, in turn, fired back at Jim Cramer on his show on the 9th and the 10th. The 9th was another great show. You can catch it here on Hulu, probably even if you use Boxee.

*UPDATE: Boxee is not exactly open source. It is freeware with open source and proprietary elements mixed together.